Rising Stars Programme

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Here at Trinity Kindergarten, we are very proud of our Rising Stars programme.  This programme is designed for children over the age of 4 years as a unique, innovative and adaptable “ready for school” programme. It aims to support a child’s transition from kindergarten to school and to facilitate their ability to settle into the routines of the school environment.

Our aim is that children in this programme develop the physical, social, emotional and academic skills required for an easy and confident transition to school. Our teachers liaise closely with local schools to ensure that our Rising Stars programme is kept current and meets the needs of the children and their new-entrant teachers.

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The programme has a strong focus on the development of foundations skills, an introduction to our Literacy programme “Letterland” and other exciting learning experiences. We focus on core skills such as:

· Holding a pencil, and writing their name

· Cutting and gluing

· Early literacy and numeracy skills.  Letter and number recognition.

· Hopping, skipping, jumping, balancing through the Perceptual Motor Programme

· Social skills, working within a small group

· Self-managing and independence