Staff At Trinity Kindergarten 

Head Teacher – Engela Nel (Bachelor of Teaching ECE)

“It is a privilege to work for Trinity Kindergarten and to have the opportunity to work alongside such dedicated teachers, who daily aspire to provide quality care and education for children in a Christian environment.

My desire is for our Kindergarten to offer a place where children and their families feel welcome, cared for and valued, as well as providing an inspirational learning environment that meet each individual child’s interest and needs. I believe that every child has unlimited potential, therefore it is important that they are encouraged so they become confident in who they have been created to be. Above all, I love that each child knows that they are loved by God and that they have a destiny in Him.

Together as an enthusiastic teaching team, we believe that we are a multi-talented, dynamic team that delivers the very best education for our children.

I have a passion for education and in particular my interest in school readiness. I continually enjoy developing our Rising Star’s programme to be successful in preparing every individual child for Primary school.”



Administrator – Bernice Smit

Hi, my name is Bernice Smit.  I am so privileged to be part of such a wonderful kindergarten.

My journey with Trinity began 7 years ago when my son joined the kindy.  2 years later my daughter joined and they both thrived in the environment.

It is so exciting to be back at Trinity – only this time on the other side!

I believe that I have been placed at Trinity to fulfil my purpose in life – serving God and his wonderful creations.

Romans 8:28

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

I look forward to this privileged opportunity of being part of this amazing team.






Teacher – Deb Hoskings (Bachelor of Teaching ECE)

I have been extremely blessed to be part of the Trinity Kindergarten family for the past nine years and have loved every moment of it.  My personal philosophy focuses on respecting and valuing each child as an individual and fostering his/her feelings of self-esteem through the provision of challenging and developmentally appropriate programming experiences. I value each child with sensitivity and acceptance.  Furthermore, I value children as explorers, full of curiosity about themselves, others and their world. As a teacher, my aim is to help each child develop personal virtues, for example patience, kindness, love and respect for one another.  Ultimately, my goal is for each child to experience a program that is flexible, that meets the immediate and long term needs on an individual basis, so that each child can develop to their fullest potential, and become confident in who they have been created to be.






Teacher – Pippa van Wyk (Bachelor of Teaching ECE)

Hello and Kia Ora everyone. My name is Pippa Van Wyk and my husband and two sons and  I are originally from South Africa. Over the past 6 years we have made New Zealand/Aotearoa our home and have embraced its Culture and everything it has to offer. I studied at New Zealand Tertiary College where I obtained my Early Childhood Education Bachelor Degree.

My Christian upbringing influences my teaching practice and the way I interact with people. I believe that respect and love for all God’s creations is vital if educators are to provide the best education for young children today.  I embrace the Biblical instruction about the special place of children in our lives and our duty towards them.”

If  someone asks me why I became and Early Childhood Teacher, my reply is easy: I am passionate about teaching children, making a difference in their lives, and most of all learning alongside them as they explore their environment.




Teacher – Debbie Marson (Bachelor of Teaching ECE)

My journey at Trinity Kindergarten started as a parent watching my two children learn and grow, seeing just how invaluable this time is.  This has since found me completing my Early Childhood qualifications with a true passion.

I feel very strongly about children learning through play, fun, exploration and

having as many memorable experiences as possible.  Building children’s confidence, self-esteem and providing them with the awareness of their own strengths, within a nurturing and loving environment.  I believe ongoing communication, respect and involvement with families/whānau, vital in providing the best possible early childhood experience for our children.




Teacher – Hazel Spinnler (Bachelor of Teaching ECE)


 Kia Ora, Greetings to all,

I feel so very blessed to have joined the wonderful Trinity whānau. Over the past few years my husband, Markus, and my 3 children, Dominic, Kaitlin and Danielle have all supported my learning journey to become an Early Childhood Teacher.  I am very passionate about providing a quality Christian early childhood education and I really enjoy teaching and learning alongside young children. I believe young children learn best through nurturing relationships, fun interactive play and exploration within a warm caring stimulating learning environment. I aim to respect, encourage, support and inspire all young children to reach their full learning potential throughout their important journey towards the school environment.